Nail Polish: Cairuo in 20.

cairuo mint

I snagged this as I was returning home from a disappointing meeting. I’m a grown-up, I need pick-me-ups to get through shitty days.

The colour is wonderful, but the quality is less so.

The brush is OK, and on the first three nails the formula feels OK too. It goes on thickly but smoothly. However somewhere around fourth nail it begins to streak and gloop and stick something fierce. My right hand looked beyond bad. It’s also a bit hard to control around the edges, so both the root area and the nail end were unevenly painted.

This polish is scented. It smells like any other polish during the application, but begins to smell like a cheapo imitation green tea when it starts to dry. When it dries completely, the scent becomes very faint, but can still be felt if you stick your fingers close to your nose.

No worries, though, you’ll have enough time to enjoy its scent, because it takes its jolly time to dry. So much time.

Also, this is three coats. I went with two originally, but it looked too uneven. so I put on another one in the morning. It chips off fast, and doesn’t do well with water at all.

cairuo mint 20

This is shade #20. Green tea is not the colour’s name, but the indicator of the scent.

I really want to love this because the colour is so good, but alas.