#100empties: Garnier and Oriflame Face Creams.

If I attempt to be precise, then I have probably used up about 40 products by now. However I could no longer look at a pile of garbage on my windowsill (and what are empties if not trash?) and threw everything out without taking photos and posting. For the sake of documenting, we’ll count these ones as numbers one and two.

garnier face cream

Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care for combination skin

I can say nothing good or bad about this product. It’s a decent cream, but I’m in no rush to repurchase it. Didn’t provide enough hydration for me, and although it felt like it evened out the texture, I think it was more of how the cream felt when applied, rather than its evening out properties, if any. The scent was gentle. Absorbed quickly, left a bit of a matte finish that didn’t last long.

oriflame tea tree cream

Oriflame Love Nature Face Lotion for Oily Skin with Tea Tree Oil

Love Nature is one of the simple skin care series available from Oriflame. This cream is nothing special, but I’d probably buy it again because of its scent. It’s slightly medicinal and probably wouldn’t excite most people, but for me it’s just so fresh and calming. I’m currently using another one in the series, Aloe Vera for combo/ normal skin. The cream’s properties are about the same (slightly hydrating, absorbs a bit slower than the one above), but I’d still rank the Tea Tree one higher. I don’t like using it for day wear, even though I can’t say that it leaves much of a sheen or anything. I just prefer it for night. It’s light-weight, absorbs easily, leaves a nice feeling to the skin, and is just overall so fresh. I wish it had better skincare properties, because if it did, I wouldn’t stray to any other product. However it’s a generic cream that doesn’t solve any problems in my case — but it doesn’t create any either.

2 down; 98 to go.

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