Nail Polish: Oriflame The One in Orange Burst 31455.

oriflame orange burst

Oriflame usually does classic nail polish shades. Variations of beige, pink, red, purple, plum, and coffee brown are in abundance, but that’s about it. Their line VeryMe, aimed at youngsters, sometimes shows some variety. They also come out with limited edition lines, and this polish is from one of such collections.

I’m a sucker for cheap polishes. Besides, companies like Flormar have me totally spoilt in that regard – their polishes are very affordable, yet their quality is amazing. So when I saw these five shades, retailing for 59 MDL (~$4.5) each, I turned the catalogue page, thinking that I won’t be spending that much on a polish.

A few days later, though, I was picking up all five colours in the collection from my local delivery spot. You guys, the colours are just so good.

And never mind me, I’m a nail varnish maniac, I’ll buy almost anything. However, I was showing my newest purchase to an acquaintance who usually does practical gel manicures in classic hues. That didn’t stop her from purchasing all but one colours in the collection on the spot. I actually ended up repurchasing some of these shades for myself, because she just took all the bottles there and then (I haven’t had the chance to try all but the one above yet).

The quality of the polish is great, too. Above are two coats. They don’t streak, apply easily, and the brush is very convenient – a definite upgrade from the previous Oriflame Beauty nail polish brush.

However, this particular colour does the following:

orange burst nail polish

Nightmare material~ That’s with a basecoat. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to my nails had I decided to skip a basecoat that day.

I painted my nails using this polish more than 10 days go, and the stain didn’t fade one bit, no matter what I do to it. Which leaves me painting my nails every day, lest the good people around me decide that I had somehow contracted hepatitis.

This detail is such a shame, because the colour is gorgeous. I’m not sure if all the polishes in the line do this, or if it’s the case with this one and the pigments in it. I’m so in love with the colour that I will continue using it, but I either need some nuke-proof basecoat, or an understanding that I would need to paint my nails every day after using this one.

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