Today’s Scent: Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle.

agent provocateur official image

I’ve just spent about seven minutes staring at my screen blankly. See, I want a series about perfumes, but I have no idea how to write about them, or what to say. I don’t have the world’s best nose — not even close — and my tastes are… I wanted to say ‘selective’, but really, they’re just rather queer. The ridiculously expensive scents reside right next to the ridiculously cheap. Flirty and floral, musky and seductive, lighthearted, or sweet, or heavy — I don’t have a refined palate.

September this year my bottle of Eau Emotionnelle will turn eight years old. Eight years! By then it will be finished, since there’s only very little left. I included the official image, because my bottle, as you can imagine, looks rather dingy.


I lost the release ring and the bit of lace attached a long while ago. Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle is my go-to perfume. I can’t think of a scenario that would make this perfume inappropriate. It’s great all year round, both for work and for fun. Overall a really well-rounded scent. I’ve never had the original, only heard it described as quite heady. Compared to my other favourites, this is almost light. It opens up floral, and then proceeds to darken.

On my skin this is very long lasting, but with moderate sillage.

eau emotionnelle

Originally released in 2006, Eau Emotionnelle has since then been discontinued — a fate that seems to befall every single perfume I genuinely enjoy. It is still relatively easy to find on Ebay and the likes, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, like some other recently deceased favourites. (Looking at you, Midnight Poison, looking. at. you.)

(Official product image nicked from Fragrantica.)