Two Oriflame Masks.

Purifying and moisturising, that’s what this duo is all about.

Do forgive the overexposed photo. My camera is still without a battery, and it’s a little bit harder for me to regulate lighting with my phone.

two oriflame masks

 Oriflame Pure Nature Purifying Clay Mask, with burdock.

My skin is oily with a varying, but perpetual, amount of blemishes, so clay masks are one of my favourite things on earth. This one is no exception. It’s gentle enough to leave on your face until it’s fully dry or to use on the decolletage. I wouldn’t say that it gives a dramatic kind of effect, but after using it my skin felt smooth and wasn’t as congested, with an exception of maybe some particular stubborn spots and dots. Since it works subtly, it can be¬†used in the mornings as well, though I still prefer to use all masks in the evening. And since the skin takes it so well, it’s possible to use another mask right after. Like the one below, for example.

Oriflame Essentials Hydrating Face Mask, with watermelon.

Yep, I’ve pretty much been using these in tandem. Part of the reason for this is, although this hydrating mask is indeed hydrating, it needs a bit of an exfoliating preparation to act properly. Otherwise it would, for the most part, fail to bring moisture to the skin.

The watermelon scent and I have a love/ hate relationship. I love it in masks and in chewing gum, and I could probably use it in a shower gel once or twice a week. But when subjected to it constantly, like with a spray or a body lotion, its artificial sweetness makes me want to puke. At least it’s not headache inducing.

I’m scratching my head as I’m writing this post, because I believe both of the products mentioned have already been discontinued by Oriflame. Man, these people are fast. The Pure Nature series was rebranded as Love Naturals. There’s a clay mask in there, but I’ve yet to try it, so I’m not sure how much of the formula was changed. No burdock extract, though, that’s for sure, which is a shame, because this plant has some really great properties when it comes to the skin. The Essentials sometimes pop up on sales and in mini-catalogues. I believe I’ve seen the watermelon series in particular some… three-four catalogues ago? It might appear again soon, now that spring is here and summer is closing up on us.

Regardless, the price of these masks is agreeable, and for that price they deliver nicely. Can’t tell you the exact amount, as it varies country by country. Your best bet is to get to the Oriflame site, and pick your region. I’m not sure if I would’ve repurchased the Essentials Hydrating Face Mask, but I would’ve certainly bought another tube or two of the Pure Nature Purifying Clay Mask. Better watch them sales and specials.

(I’m an Oriflame consultant, meaning that I buy Oriflame products with a special discount. All opinions mine. This is not a sponsored post.)