Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Pink Secret – Review and Dupe

giordani gold pink secret

Giordani Gold is the luxury brand of the Oriflame family. Giordani Gold is the most expensive line the company makes. The colours in the collection are usually classic, as well as the packaging.

giordani gold packaging

The packaging is made in glossy black and gold tones, with minimal design. The Jewel Lipstick line comes in gold tubes, which I do believe are made from metal. They feel heavy and cold to the touch. Gold is not my favourite metal, but I have to admit that this lipstick looks expensive – if just a little too gaudy for my black, black, all black everything everywhere black taste.

The formula of the product is creamy and on the sheer side. It’s difficult to build up colour with this one, but if you try hard enough, then maybe you would reach medium coverage. The colour I have it in – Pink Secret – is very easy to work with. Given its sheerness, it’s as effortless as a balm.

giordani gold pink secret swatch

The colour doesn’t feather but might just get a little outside of the lip line, mostly in the corners. Doesn’t tug on the lips when you apply it.

Although creamy, the lipstick is a little bit drying.

I remember the good old days when Giordani Gold lipsticks were scentless. Oh, how I loved them then. The formula of some old ones was also much more opaque. I remember my mum finding them drying, but I adored them. I’ve kept one of the tubes way past its expiration date. It was this dark cranberry/ wine shade.

OK, enough with the nostalgia lane.

The longevity of these is very moderate. It applies like a balm, and it wears off like one. The good side to that is that it wears off nicely and gradually, leaving the slightest amount of sheen in its wake.

giordani gold pink secret dupe

Top: Giordani Gold Pink Secret. Bottom: Oriflame Pure Colour Soft Coral.

If you’ve been thinking of giving Pink Secret a go, but aren’t sure if the colour would suit you (as effortless as it is, I find that it looks just a touch off with my complexion), then you can easily dupe it… within the Oriflame brand, ironically enough. Their Pure Colour Lipstick line, the least expensive one they offer, has a lipstick in Soft Coral. As you can see from the swatch above, they’re almost identical, with the Pure Colour perhaps being a bit more sheer and a slightest touch cooler.

You can read more about Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick range here.

(I’m an Oriflame consultant. I received this lipstick as an incentive for good sales. Go me.)


Oriflame Marbleised Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Kit.

I was putting on some quick make-up several days ago, and it occurred to me that most of my selected products were by Oriflame, and being used for the first time. So I thought, hey, why not lengthen the application time by some twenty minutes by taking photos of all the products!? Sounds like good blogger fun!!

So here it is.

giordani gold marbleised eyeshadow

Giordani Gold Venetian Affair Marbleised Eye Shadow in Starry Nights 24153

I have been meaning to try marbleised/ baked eye shadows for literally years. This particular Oriflame one has been on my mind for many months. Finally it appeared heavily discounted in a leaflet, and I totes decided to buy it.

I love the idea of purple eye shadows. Purple is one of my favourite colours, and I like to think that this shade flatters the colour of my eyes. However, depending on light and particular shade of purple, I usually end up looking very dead while wearing it. As you will see below.

This particular purple shadow has a lot of warmth to it, and much more red undertones than I had thought it would have whilst looking at it in the catalogue. But as you can see in the product photo above, it just photographs this way in the pot.

There’s rather a lot of glitter in this thing. I was expecting a bit of shimmer, but I was expecting a bit less.

The shadow comes with the default spongey applicator in tow. I know that as a beauty enthusiast I am supposed to scorn them, but to be honest I use them often enough to be happy about a free one.

The shadow is pigmented, goes on smoothly, and blends well. Compared to other Oriflame shadows, it’s one of the best.

Unfortunately, I can’t commend it for staying power. Five hours in, it creased a lot, and on the left eye it pretty much disappeared (apart from where it gathered in the crease).

oriflame brow kit

Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit

I want to write a full review of this product soon, with swatches etc., but for now let me just say: Ye dark haired folk do not be fooled by how light the darker shade is. I was like, yeeahhhh, that’s too light, lemme grab just a bit more – and bam, I had a coal-smudged brow on my face and lots of blending to do.

So far, I’m pleased. The kit comes with two small angle brushes, one with black bristles and one with white – presumably to distinguish between shade and wax one? The bristles are firm, and the tips are significantly wider than the angle brush I already have in my set. If your brows are on the thin side, you may want to use a finer tool for more precision, but I actually enjoyed using the wider one. I wish they were full size!

(All products purchased with my own money. I’m an Oriflame consultant in my country, ergo I get a distributor discount. No one is sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.)


FOTD #2: Bold lips, muted lids.

face of the day 2

Products used:

  • Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10
  • Powder: IsaDora Perfect Loose Powder
  • Highlighter: Giordani Gold Opulent Night Pearls 27115
  • Concealer: Artdeco Mineral Fluid Concealer in 04
  • Eye shadow Primer: Artdeco Pure Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow Base Sensitive
  • Eye Shadow: AVON True Colour in Lace Hues
  • Brows: Relouis Eye Pencil in 02
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Colour in Garnet 750
  • Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared Mascara

I’ve had this lipstick since ever. It’s expired by now, so I think I’m going to let it go during my next monthly clean-out. Or perhaps just place it in a separate compartment where I keep all my nostalgic purchases. It’s a good lipstick, but for it to work your lips need to be in very good condition. It will highlight every flake and every dry patch, and while the balm on top will soothe and smooth, it will not really affect the visual. For some reason I was under the impression that this product was discontinued, but it’s still available. As long as you don’t attack oily foods with abandon, it will last you for about 6 hours no problem, all while eating, drinking, talking, etc. with the lightest amount of caution. Word of warning, though — there’s no touching up this lipstick, only a complete reapplication.

The muted pink and blue in this quad are gorgeous, aren’t they? I love these colours so much. I went on a bit of a binge a few years ago and bought… six AVON eye shadow quads? They have since then rebranded the line and made the insides square, which diminished their obvious visual likeness to CHANEL. While I really like many of the colours — why would I buy them otherwise? — I am not at all impressed with the quality. The mattes are chalky, not easy to blend, nearly every single shadow is poorly pigmented, and all of them have excessive amounts of fall-out. Don’t expect them to last more than three hours without a primer either. With primer, they usually last about five, but begin to show signs of wear a bit earlier. Perhaps with the visual update came an update of the formula? I might want to find out a bit later, but for now I’ll be exploring other brands.

Something is to be said about using grey as eyebrow definer instead of brown. Brown can be very hard to match to your natural colouring. It’s either too red, or too coppery, or too dark, or too light. Most of the time it’s visible, especially in photographs. While grey is a true neutral colour. It’s non-colour, so defining your brows with grey works really well. There are only that many things to worry with grey — the desired lightness/ darkness and – a must – a matte finish. The aforementioned Artdeco make a great little grey eyeshadow that I really enjoyed using not only for its determined purpose, but also for brows and for slight contouring, especially of my rather prominent nose. I smashed the poor darling beyond all repair not long ago. It’s on my list of repurchases. I’ll be sure to write a review and swatch it once it’s done.

Try using grey for your brows, I’m pretty sure it’ll work.