Sample Thoughts: Givenchy Le Soin Noir.

givenchy le soin noir

This cream has a gel-like texture, but applies buttery. It’s black/ very dark grey, with small black particles and what looks like very fine glitter. The blackĀ isn’t visible on the skin while applied, but it does leave just a touch of a… tinted greyish veil over your face to be noticeable. So I used both of my samples at night.

It’s both very light and very nourishing. Takes its jolly time to absorb. Also, it’s perfumed up the wazoo. I cannot imagine using this during my headache spells. It would slay me.

Obviously I cannot judge the packaging from my tiny magazine sample, but the photograph on Sephora looks exquisite. It better, because the darn thing costs nearly $400 US! (And it’s out of stock?!) That’s about as much as I make a month, so I think the magazine sample is as close an acquaintance as I can ever hope to have with this cream.

But would I actually buy it for this price after having used the two samples? Not sure. Perhaps over time it gives a noticeable effect that’s worth spending $400 for, but the 10 ml I had in my possession could not provide me with accurate basis for such judgement.

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