The Purge: Nail Polishes, part 2 of 235.

beauty skin glamour nail polish 04

Beauty Skin Glamour Nail Polish 04

A neon orange that is unfortunately too sheer. It went on relatively smoothly, but I find the formula in the majority of the Beauty skin polishes I tried to be on the thick side.

beauty skin glamour nail polish 68

Beauty Skin Glamour Nail Polish 68

A shimmery silver that is too sheer as well. More of a top coat, to be honest. My search for a good, solid no-sheer metallic silver continues. (Don’t even get me started on the mirror effect/ chrome polish.)



golden rose paris 87

Golden Rose Paris 87

A nice pink coral that is quite good for summer. However, it applies patchy and goes on sheer. Not sure if you’re beginning to see a pattern here… Overall I really like Golden Rose polishes, but the Paris collection was my least favourite one.

leydi nail polish 107

Leydi Nail Polish 107

Once upon a time I had an obsession with green polishes. I bought them in epic quantities. They joined me from all walks of life. With time, though, my polish tastes solidified, and this one became too shimmery.

Overall, though, I really like Leydi polishes. They’re very cheap, but also good.

pacific gabrini provitamin 129

Gabrini Cosmetics Pacific Provitamin 129

A neon jelly. I used it a few times, but — I’m getting repetitive here, bear with me for two more sentences — it was sheer. I just can’t get over the sheerness, and I’m only now realising it. Unfortunately you can’t always see it in the bottle, so with time I’ll go through another batch of too sheer polishes. Plenty left in my collection, too.


The Purge: Nail Polishes, part 1 of 235.

I’m a nail polish hoarder. I’m not even holding my hopes high for this one — the amount of nail polishes in my house is going to return to the original number very soon after the clean-out. Out with the old, in with the new, etc.

But I gotta try.

Behold the first five candidates.

flormar berry fine glitter

Flormar Nail Enamel, deep berry with fine glitter

This is so old, I can no longer tell you the number. It’s… I think it’s from 2006, maybe earlier. Still like it, even though I’ve become a bit more particular with finishes and try to avoid everything but creme and matte these days. But it is old, and it has to go.

wetnwild megalast soulmate

Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaLast Strengthening nail polish in 214 Soul Mate

Apologies for the quality of the photograph.

We don’t have Wet’n’Wild around here, so the only place I could’ve got it from was the States… And I’ve been to the States in ’07. Lovely colour, but has to go.

orkide olivia mint green

Olivia nail enamel, mint green

A lovely mint green. Very aged. Separated up the wazoo.

orkide olivia melon yellow

Olivia nail enamel, melon yellow

A sheer melon yellow. It liquefied significantly, and no longer behaves like a polish.

catherine arley sheer silver

Catherine Arley nail lacquer in 190

A sheer silver polish, quite possibly the oldest polish in my collection. More of a topcoat/ French manicure enhancement than a stand-alone polish, if you ask me. I used it recently. My nails didn’t fall off, and it still behaved like a polish ought to, but it has to go. I still love silver nails, but this one is too sheer and glittery for me. Still in hopes of finding a good silver chrome.


Welcome to the Purge.

I swear I named the damn thing before I read about the film. Made sure to forward the title to my brother after that, he’s into that kind of thing.

On screen.

My version here’s a bit more peaceful. I’m just going to be doing a massive clear-out of my earthly possessions.

I live in a big flat that has once been very beautiful. It’s a lot for one person to upkeep, so the beauty part has subsided some time ago. The organisation and clean part stayed with me until about last year, though. Ever since then it all went downhill.

I’m a neat freak, and I strive in clean organised spaces. Haven’t had one in a while, and finally I realised why — I’ve just been moving piles of clutter from one place to another. Clutter cannot really be cleaned, or kept neat. It has to go.

Originally I thought of maybe having a bit of a sale of the stuff on some local version of craigslist, but the further it goes, the more overwhelmed I become. So no selling. Just donating, passing it on to anyone who needs anything, and taking it to the trash.

Technically I already started doing this when my brother was home. Then I took a long break, and I swear the stuff just multiplies on its own volition. It’s like we haven’t done one bit.

I tried coming up with a couple of categories for things. It didn’t really work (you can’t categorise clutter either), but here we go:

  • Beauty – make-up, nail polish, skin care, hair care;
  • Wardrobe – clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • Paper – notebooks, old bills, postcards, magazines, books (sob);
  • Kitchen – appliances, cutlery, foods, jars;
  • Homeware – general appliances (like TVs), furniture, carpets, bed linen, towels;
  • Miscellaneous – knick-knacks, memorabilia, everything else.

Books is probably going to be the hardest. I’m already crying on the inside.