Two Nivea Products: Toner and Cream.

nivea toner and face cream

Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Care

I had two samples of this face cream, and I remember falling in love. It felt buttery smooth during the application, but didn’t leave any shiny residue and didn’t look oily, just glowing.

Well, there’s something to be said about testers and samples always being better than the actual product, because the cream in the jar, while it wasn’t bad, simply didn’t live up to the expectations set by the sample.

nivea pure natural face cream

I used this up before the freezing temperatures set, but during the milder months of September-November I say it fared well in terms of hydration. I wouldn’t expect miracles, and if you have dehydrated skin, then you need to look for something more hardworking. It doesn’t help keep your face matte, but it doesn’t add any oiliness to it either.

The container is a glass with a plastic lid. It holds the standard 50 ml of product. The scent of this cream, although strong, didn’t annoy me, even when I had headache spells.

Overall, it’s a standard enough cream for its price range. Oriflame Optimals costs about as much, and I think I would’ve gone for another jar of that instead of Nivea Pure & Natural.

Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Toner

Formulated for oily skin and claims to be mattifying. I haven’t noticed my skin being any more matte, but it didn’t throw my sebum into overdrive either. I used it during a bit of a mishap with a face washer by a different brand. The washer gave me irritation, and I can say that this toner was safe to use even on irritated skin. It didn’t take the redness and sensitivity any further, though perhaps it hasn’t assisted in cooling my face either — but it doesn’t claim to do that, so I’m fine with it.

nivea toner

The 200 ml bottle lasted me for about two-two and a half months, which is saying something, because usually I go through toners really quickly. The scent is a rather standard Nivea one — if you’ve ever used their Nivea Creme (the one in the blue jar), then you know approximately how this toner smells like.

While not a bad product and one that I might return in the future, right now I’m looking for a product┬áthat would help me gently exfoliate the skin day to day, which was something that this toner didn’t do.

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