AVON Nailwear Pro+ in midnight green.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Midnight Green is a shimmery type of forest green colour that I quite enjoyed. I’m a sucker for certain green polishes, and this one falls exactly into that category, even though most of the time I prefer the absence of any kind of shimmer or glitter on my nails.

It goes on relatively smoothly and dries quickly. I love the brush, it’s wide. It easily takes two strokes to cover the entire nail.

The colour is rich, and I think that even one coat of this would’ve been enough. However, there was something a bit off with the formula of this one. It felt too thick, but when I tried removing the excess from the brush, it didn’t go on smoothly at all. So a second coat was in order.

Another thing with Avon polishes is that they’re not long lasting at all. Their Speed Dry seriesĀ is notorious in that department. Nailwear Pro+ areĀ better, but only a bit. I applied this polish yesterday evening, and took these photos about 22 hours later. It’s not as evident in there, but it’s become quite thin and rough around the edges. As I’m typing this, a little over 30 hours after application and one round of dishwashing later, it’s quite chipped on at least three fingers. Not a tragedy by all means, and maybe even suitable for a grocery run, but no longer looking *dundundunnn* polished.

This particular shade was discontinued, I believe; but I doubt I would’ve repurchased it, even though I’m absolutely in love with the colour.

I’m curious: what’s your experience with Avon polishes? Do they hold well? Is it just me?

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