I wanted to group this together with other recent make-up disappointments, but then decided that if I review it separately, search engines will have a better chance of picking up keywords for it, and you’ll have a better chance of reading my opinion before deciding to purchase this BB cream.

VeryMe Just BB Bliss Balm

The first thing I noticed about this product was its scent. It’s harsh, considering the fact it’s a BB cream — therefore you’ll be applying it around your nose and mouth. Its texture is on the greasy side. My first impression was that it was a bit like Garnier in that regard, except Garnier felt smoother.

The good thing about this product, in my case, is its colour. It’s pretty light.

veryme bb cream

The packaging is cute, mostly due to the use of one of my absolute favourite colours.

oriflame veryme bb cream

It’s also pretty functional — an upside down tube with a thin nozzle, which makes it easy to measure out as much of the product as you need.

oriflame veryme bb cream packaging

It’s also got SPF 12. But seeing how it applies it’s a desirable but useless add-on. Also, after all the three minutes it’s been on my face, it didn’t break me out.

This is also where all the positive things about it end for me.

I first tried applying it on a badly washed off powder. I used a brush. It didn’t really work. I blamed it on my laziness, quickly fixed a face, and ran out the door.

Then I tried applying it over my moisturiser (another Oriflame product). It glided off my face in these little … pellets. It didn’t even stick to my face for the most part — nearly all of it remained on my hands in an abundance of greasy rolls. I sighed, blamed it on moisturiser (the Optimals one I was using claims to be mattifying, and these types of creams can do this to a foundation), once more cleaned my face, applied some powder, and ran out the door.

This time, the third time, I decided to apply this to a clean face. After all, BB creams promise to be moisturising. My outing wasn’t to be long, and this BB cream has SPF12 in it, so I decided to just go with it.

The result is below.

veryme bb cream application

I don’t think it needs any words, but I’ll add some. As you can see it stuck into my pores. Under my eyes closer to my temples, where my skin tends to be dry, it stuck in weird rash-looking patches. It didn’t cover a bit of a break-out on my chin. It looks downright weird and streaky on my cheeks. As with all the other times, the majority of it remained on my hands.

In a fit of rage, I told my brother to take a picture of my mug because my hands were still dirty. This is literally less than two minutes after the application.

Despite this cream being so hard to apply, it’s also very hard to remove. I washed my face, then I used make-up remover, and then toner — and I could still smell it and see bits of it around my nose.

I love Oriflame — after all, this is why I applied to be their distributor — I trust their cosmetics — and I am eager to blame this complete disappointment on me, but this just ain’t working. I would’ve thought that perhaps it’s because I have a wrong skin type for this product. Some BB creams work better for greasy skin, others for dry skin. VeryMe, though, is targeted at teenagers, who tend to have oily skin in their hormonal majority.

tl;dr: I love the idea of this product – it’s light, it has SPF – but unfortunately I cannot recommend this to anyone. It’s fairly cheap, but for me this was just a complete waste of money.

I used: Oriflame VeryMe BB Cream SPF 12 in Extra Light 30496.