Manicure Monday: Oriflame, Inglot


Oriflame The One in Night Orchid 30527

I’ve mentioned before that one of my superficial ‘goals in life’ is to own every single polish from Oriflame’s The One line. I just love them, and am really sad that I’ve missed several LE colours here and there.

This colour is in the Oriflame’s permanent line of nail colours. It’s a really cool-toned really deep fuchsia, a bit on the dark side to be truly considered one. The photograph is brightened, so it doesn’t give a true representation of the shade.

I have two coats on, but could have got away with just one. Dried quickly and well. The application is OK, but the formula is rather thick and the brush is wide, so you will need to clean the cuticle up a bit. No streaks. The longevity is not as formidable as they promise – about two-three days.


INGLOT Nail Polish in 718

A pretty perfect pale pink (what’s with all the p’s) that I quite enjoyed looking at. The colour is just so… girly. It dries semi-matte, with a bit of a sheen still left to it. The formula is a bit streaky – but hey, for a polish that’s both light and matte, I say it fared very well. Needed three coats, dried pretty quickly. The longevity is so-so. On my right hand it chipped on the first day, and on the second I had to remove it. Left hand remained unchanged by then.


HIKARI Cosmetics Lipsticks

hikari cosmetics lipsticks in crush and cranberry

Like OFRA Cosmetics lipsticks I wrote about last week, my acquaintance with HIKARI Cosmetics began via my Lip Monthly subscription.

The first one I received was Cabernet.

True to its name, this HIKARI lipstick is dark red wine colour. The finish is matte. I have no problem applying it evenly from the tube. It doesn’t streak, but it does tug a little. The formula is not drying, and if you’re not planning a feast, it would stay on your lips for 3-4 hours without any need to touch up. It doesn’t feather and is very easy to wear without a lip pencil.

Once you eat, it will wear off, usually from the centre, leaving your lips lined with a red wine colour.

hikari lipsticks

Crush I received a little later. It’s a hot pink (many of the lip products I received from Lip Monthly were of a hot pink/ purple/ fuchsia variety). The formula is akin to HIKARI Cosmetics Cabernet lipstick above, but the coverage is just a bit less opaque. No streaking, matte with a slightest sheen finish, not drying, applies evenly from the tube. Doesn’t feather, stays put unless you eat something heavy.

hikari lipsticks packaging

The packaging of both of these is a square glossy black bullet with the company’s logo imprinted on one side of the tube. I love such minimalist packaging.

hikari cosmetics lipstick swatches

Swatched, left to right: Hikari Cosmetics lipstick in Crush, Hikari Cosmetics lipstick in Cabernet.

Overall, HIKARI Cosmetics lipsticks stay true to what is said about them on the company’s website: Long lasting vivid colour. If you’re tired of the liquid lipsticks and want a matte finish that doesn’t look papery on the lips, then these are your friend.

If you haven’t yet given HIKARI lipsticks a go, consider doing it. I’m happy with both of these shades, and if I weren’t already buried under the avalanche of lipsticks in my personal collection, I’d buy a few more like, today. Melon and Scarlet look very, very tempting. They’re available from HIKARI Cosmetics website for $13 each.