Nail Polish: Golden Rose Matte Velvet in 108.

golden rose matte velvet 108

I circled around this bottle at the GR counter like a hawk for some good five weeks. (See! I have restraint! OMG!) Finally, I caved and bought it, because the frosty bottle and the shade of blue were irresistible.

This is a matte polish with quite a bit of shimmer added to it. Over the years of polish addiction I realised that I’m not a huge fan of frosts/ shimmers/ glitters, but on the occasion I still enjoy them, and I don’t mind them in matte polish as much as I do in the regular one.

It’s hard to tell from the above photo, in which my camera decided to pick up all the shimmer in the world, but indeed it dries matte. The application is smooth, the brush is good. It was also very quick to dry – watch me do a little dance.

As with the other matte polishes I have so far tried, it was quick to chip as well. I think it lasted about two days on my nails.

matte polish

The matte finish is better visible in this photo. Also, I love the frosty glass bottle. Love.


Nail Polish: Flormar’s Matte Grey.

flormar matte grey

Flormar is my favourite polish brand. This particular one is matte (my favourite effect) and grey (my favourite “colour” after black). It’s pushing all of my polish buttons, but no matter how much I try to love it, I fail.

The formula is OK. It goes on with a bit of streaking.

The brush is the standard Flormar one too. Not OMG impressive, but much better than, say, Oriflame’s. (Soon I’ll write a dissertation about Oriflame’s brushes.)

It is matte. Not the Manglaze matte, but not shiny either.

The colour is nice. Did I mention the colour is nice? Grey grey dark carbonish grey omg bring out the grey.

But the thing chips off in literally hours. Basecoat or no basecoat, one layer or two or three, it chips off. And all my love for matte and grey considered, I just CBA to paint my nails every single day.

I’m not sure if this is the predicament of matte polishes in general, or if it’s just Flormar’s formula. I read OPI mattes were pretty bad too, in terms of chipping, but I haven’t tested any, so I dunno.